How well do you know Beijing? Take our quiz to find out.

1. What does the name Beijing translate as?

2. Beijing was rebuilt during which dynasty?

3. Which of the following is an official flower of Beijing?

4. What was the original name of the Beijing zoo?

5. Where can you go in Beijing to see the remains of the ancient city wall?

6. How many ring roads does Beijing have, including the mythical first ring road?

7. A campaign initiated in 1959 in which intellectuals were asked to give their opinion of the Chinese government was known as?

8. The government in Beijing mandated pinyin in?

9. Mao took Beijing and declared the foundation of the People’s Republic of China in?

10. China was admitted into the World Trade Organization in?

11. Beijing hosted the Olympics Games in?

12. It is common practice to give clocks as gifts in China?

13. If you enter a room for a business meeting or a group meeting you may be greeted with applause?

14. When talking to someone in China you should avoid articulating with your hands?

15. When in a dining situation you should not pour your own drink?

16. If you are unable to eat with chopsticks you can ask for a folk?

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Five top tips

01Stock up on prescription medicine before you relocate since pharmacies here cannot honor an overseas prescription.
02An excellent phrasebook that many expats rely on is called “Mandarin Phrasebook” published by Immersion Guides in China.
03Try and join the private Yahoo! group, BeijingCafe, which caters to expats. Membership requires invitation by a current member.
04If you have a baby, it may be prudent to stock up on infant formulae from your home country before you arrive.
05Prepare mentally for the pollution. Consider purchasing an air filter for your home when you arrive.

Interesting fact

Beijing covers an area of 16.8 thousand square kilometers. The Tian'anmen and Tian'anmen Square are at the centre of Beijing.