New Zealand

How well do you know Auckland? Take our quiz to find out.

1. What is Auckland’s largest volcano?

2. Who are the major inhabitants of Auckland?

3. In New Zealand a Hokey Pokey is a…

4. The transport and technology museum in Auckland is referred to as?

5. Auckland is commonly referred to as?

6. New Zealand’s indigenous people call Auckland "Tamaki Makau Rau”, this means?

7. Which of the following is NOT a method of transport in Auckland?

8. Auckland was proclaimed the capital city in?

9. Auckland street lamps were lit for the first time in?

10. The University of Auckland was established in?

11. The British Empire Games were held in Auckland in?

12. The XIVth Commonwealth Games were held in Auckland in?

13. Greenpeace vessel The Rainbow Warrior was sunk by French spies in Auckland in?

14. Foreigners are allowed to visit and take photos of Maori landmarks or buildings?

15. Dinner is often referred to as ‘tea’ in New Zealand?

16. New Zealanders like to talk while they are eating?

17. The most appropriate method of greeting someone in New Zealand for the first time is a handshake?

18. You should always tip waitresses in restaurants?

19. Sitting on or resting one's backside against a table or desk can offend Māori?

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Three top tips

01Winter in Auckland is very cold. Be aware of this when house hunting. Most houses don't have central heating and some have no heating system at all
02The weather in Auckland can change quickly and without warning. Always be prepared for sudden changes in temperature or a sudden downfall.
03Consider joining An online store that offers reduced price appliances and electronics. There is a membership fee.

Interesting fact

Auckland’s Albert Park still has air raid shelters that are capable of housing 20,400 people.