Monday 26th April 2010

The best expat blogs

Although expatriate blogs won't tell you everything you need to know about relocating to a new country, they can be great at giving you insights into life in a new city. Here's our round up of the best blogs from major expatriate destination cities throughout the the world.

City Blog Name Author Home Country Description
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Amsterdamned Angela Rhodes Australia Regularly updated blog of an Australian expatriate living in Amsterdam. Entries cover subjects such as travel in Amsterdam, experiencing the seasons and dealing with visitors.
Auckland, New Zealand Brampa Br, Am, and Pa. America A regular blog that has been running since 2007. The blog tells of the lives of an American family living in New Zealand and includes photographs and illustrations.
Bangalore, India Bangalore Journal Pervez Sikora America Blog tells of the daily life of a family who have returned to India after living in the USA for ten years.
Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok Diaries Various Various Blog entries made on a regular basis by Bangkok expatriates. Entries cover a wide range of subjects and contain useful advice and anecdotes.
Barcelona, Spain Mental Irrigation Sarah Los Canada Comprehensive blog that has been regularly updated since 2001. Contains information about living in Barcelona, the nightlife, sightseeing and expatriate lifestyle.
Beijing, China The Beijinger Various Various Numerous bloggers and writers contribute to this well known blog. It is updated on a regular basis and contains observations on life and entertainment in Beijing.
Brussels, Belgium The Belgium Years

Cindy Lane

America Musings from an American woman living in Brussels with her partner.
Buenos Aires, Argentina Sallycat's Adventures Sally Cat United Kingdom Random thoughts, observations and opinions on living in Buenos Aires. The blog has a heavy emphasis on the dance of Argentina.
Capetown, South Africa Cape Town Blog Various Various A blog run by the Cape Town tourist board that invites bloggers to provide entries about their travel in the region. Perfect for expatriates who are interested in exploring Cape Town and traveling through this part of the world.
Chicago, USA Chicago Expat Ken Ilio Philippines A photographic blog that focusses on the sights of this American city.
Delhi, India American in Delhi Jeanne Heydecker America Blog that is frequently updated with the tales of an expatriate family who have relocated to Delhi from the United States via Kolkata.
Dubai, UAE Sandier Pastures Grace America A blog written by a Mum in Dubai. Very comprehensive and updated on a regular basis the blog covers a wide range of topics concerning day to day life in Dubai.
Hanoi, Vietnam Sticky Rice Unknown Unknown A blog for foodies, the posts cover eating and dining in the Hanoi area.
Hong Kong, China Living in Hong Kong. Asian Correspondent. Elmer W. Cagape Philippines Blog written by a search engine marketing specialist who has been based in Hong Kong since 2001. His humorous blog entries describe life as it really is in Hong Kong.
London, United Kingdom American expat in London Kristina America Diary of a young single American woman living in London. Describes day to day life as it really is in London.
Los Angeles, USA LA Frog Unknown France Blog written by a lady from Paris who left behind life in France to sample a new life in Los Angeles.
Madrid, Spain My life in Madrid Nadya United Kingdom Thoughts on life abroad, food, design and everything under the sun from a girl whose lived in Madrid for the past 7 years.
Melbourne, Australia Cherry Blossoms and Vodka Caz Canada Web log of a twenty something expatriate who is living life to the max in Melbourne, Australia.
Moscow, Russia American Girls in Moscow Moscow Mom America Mother of two who writes regular blogs about life with a family in Moscow.
Mumbai, India Diary of a White Indian Housewife Sharell Australia A fascinating blog written by an Australian girl who married an Indian and moved from Australia to Mumbai. The blog has won several awards and contains a lot of interesting cultural insights into life as an expat in India.
New York City, USA Biting the Big Apple Stafanie France Blog describing the daily life and events on a young French expat who is living and working in New York.
Seoul, South Korea Skyrfblok Unknown South Africa A mixed Afrikaans & English blog by a Korean expatriate. The blog explores living in Korea from an artistic and cultural perspective.
Shanghai, China Shanghai Scrap Adam Minter America Observations on living in Asia from Shanghai based writer, Adam Minter
Singapore, Singapore AngryAngMo Unknown Unknown Singapore's award winning blog this website is updated regularly with all the news and gossip from Singapore.
Sydney, Australia Florida Girl in Sydney Unknown America Observations from an American expatriate living in Sydney with her family.
Tokyo, Japan Lioness in Japan Unknown Singapore Diary of a trailing spouse who located to Japan from Singapore. There is a heavy focus on language, literature and culture.
Toronto, Canada The Expatriate Mind Unknown America Blog written by an American who has ventured north to sample life in Canada. The blog is regularly updated with insights into immigration and setting up life in a new city.

If you're looking for more detailed, practical information about living in a new city as an expatriate then please see our city guides. They contain comprehensive information covering all aspects of relocating to popular cities throughout the world. The information you need is available at your fingertips and you will not need to trawl through hundreds of blog entries or websites to find what you need. Each city guide is written by an expatriate so you can be assured that the information is accurate and up to date. In addition to this, all our guides are advertisement free and offer an unbiased and reliable view of real life in these popular destinations.

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